Why Crisp Inspectors Earn More Than Water Slide Testers

Amanda Yuk
2 min readApr 11, 2022
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What if you could work your dream job?

What if that dream job involves testing out morsels of savory goodness from an assortment of flavors including Mixed Bag, Sour Cream & Onion, Ranch and Hickory BBQ? From being a fake wedding guest ($200) , a cat catcher ($80) , a live mannequin ($100) , a professional sleeper ($89), a professional queuer (cost unknown), a professional bridesmaid ($1500) a fortune cookie writer (cost unknown), a nail polish name labeler (cost unknown) to being a thief hunter (cost unknown), there are so many interesting and quirky occupations out there.

In an ever-changing society where anything goes, modern millionaires are those who are self-taught. Gone are the days when running a business and sole proprietorship were the only methods of getting rich. The people who are fastidiously growing their wealth nowadays work in less common jobs such as detective agencies, insurance policymakers, brokers, undertakers from funeral parlors, political campaign assistants, not to mention a growing number of stand-up comedians. Of course, let’s not forget about the writers in the midst of all this. So what exactly makes a crisp inspector more expensive to hire than a water slide tester?

A water slide tester simply has to build it, test out the sturdiness of its material and sell it to consumers who have the right to choose whether or not to purchase it — using the most effective form of marketing and advertising to suit the target market. However, a crisp inspector has to factor in a plethora of issues such as the cost of transporting raw materials to and from its original destination, the breed of potatoes used, adequate sodium content and nutritional intake, as well as the flakiness and texture of the end result.

Ultimately, if a tiny chemical compound like Sodium can represent an innate spiritual desire for us to become inherently better people, then it goes without saying that a crisp inspector is worth the higher salary than the person who specializes in constructing a spiral sculpture used to entertain most children.

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