Relationship Between BBT Consumption & Diabetic Prevalence

The beverage commonly known as ‘boba’ in North America or bubble tea here in Asia has long been a fashionable choice for many. What is it really? In simple terms, it is a cup of sugary goodness composed of some sort of tea together with milk and small tapoica balls which resemble miniature pearls.

According to a Business Insider article ( c. July 2019), the most unhealthy one is the original brown sugar milk tea, topping the charts at 18.5 teaspoons full of sugar. Although die-hard fans will claim that having a drink at odd intervals, perhaps once or twice a month will not lead to any major changes to their diet or lifestyles — health experts warn otherwise.

Back in 2015, the World Health Organisation published a guideline recommending a daily sugar intake of less than 25% of the usual energy intake. This assumption is in line with the hypothesis that there is a positive relationship between the amount of bubble tea actually consumed and the risk of diabetes. Now, a lay person may question the validity of this statement. Let’s say on average, you consume 2 cups of bubble tea each week, that makes 8 cups in a week, 32 in a month, and a staggering 384 cups annually. Now let us also assume that each cup has on average 8 tbsp. of sugar content. That’s a whopping 3072 teaspoons of sugar!

The International Federation of Diabetes has found approximately 463 million people have a condition known as diabetes, which is a phenomenon which occurs when the metabolic function is impaired. Although mortality rates are not high, isn’t it time we start looking after our health? Oh, the irony of how it takes a health crisis for us to start paying attention to our bodies.

As a final note, the author enjoys her bubble tea consumption and remains positive that she will not get the condition mentioned in the second last paragraph of this article. If you are reading this, stay safe, wash your hands regularly with soap, don’t take this too seriously and enjoy the ocassional zhen zhu nai cha without worry!

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