Some of the biggest lies in the world are related to scams. What exactly is a scam? According to Cambridge Dictionary a scam can be defined as something illegal and involves the trickery of other people. A few common types of scams include insurance scams, credit-for-sex schemes, identity theft , others which involve romantic disenchantment and perhaps worst of all — those that threaten a person’s physical health or that of his or her family members . Yet, the truth is that these people are bloody smart.

Why is this possible? Well, simply because no amount of Crimewatch can adequately…

只記得當時年僅十五歲的我,踏上人生第一次長途旅程,到了法國南部一個名叫香檳的小鎮。父母覺得離開熟悉的朋友圈,到達陌生的城市是一種鍛鍊自己勇氣和能夠訓練法文的好機會。 不可否認,當時的我還是一位保護得太好的溫室 …

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Horacius settled nicely into his lounge chair within the comforts of his study. Flashbacks drowned like waves into the deepest abscess of his soul. Life had played such a cruel hand in the last few years.

Since Molly died, he coped with alcohol and through his contract job as a cleaning attendant for a private investigation firm. Apart from work, he kept himself occupied through rounds of Solitaire, gardening and offering repair services to the community. …

Distinctly cooler temperatures, a strong craving for eggnog and minced pies, the taste of an aromatic pot of sangria, putting up baubles and ornaments to help decorate the tree, shopping for presents, gathering with your loved ones — Which aspect of this time of the year makes you feel the happiest?

Tis’ the season to be thankful for nurses © Hallmark

Whether you reside in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, this most ‘favorite time of the year’ is not only a celebration and symbol of gratitude for Jesus Christ, it is also a good time for us to make amends with those we may have forgotten, look out for the…

Upon recently finishing the entire series of “A Queen’s Gambit” in one night, many people might be wondering what the fuss is all about. In it, an orphan, whose parents were killed in a car accident before her birth, channels her grief and energy into a predominantly-masculine world of chess. For those who are interested, have played it or who are avid fans of the game, would know that the gameboard is primarily composed of 64 square pieces.

Each opponent takes on either the black or white side, and individual pieces have their unique moves. Think of each piece on…

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On a rather momentous lunch occasion it was noticed that there were CCTVs (also known as Closed Circuit Television) in a casual setting, something that brought to mind idea of being constantly monitored by somebody else. In most families the practice of personal space is paramount — not just to allow one to feel safe and secure, but also to have time to relax and unwind.

The scariest thing is that crime often takes place when we are least aware of it. Whether it is identity theft, financial fraud, trespassing into an unwanted territory, sexual gratification and appropriation, robbery, theft…


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Still remember how twenty years ago, a Kiwi girlfriend gave me a rather thick dictionary on my birthday. From the moment I ripped out the paper packaging, anger and surprise surged inside me like how chopping onions can trigger tears easily. Why would there be a love-hate relationship ? Simply because from an anthropomorphic point of view, language has always been a basic form of human communication.

In all manner of speaking, writers are often underrated in the sense that they are not credited with as much respect as say a doctor or a lawyer. They are somewhat neglected…

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Although the film was shown twenty-one years ago , it still provides value for us modern viewers. The main character is a mentally handicapped adult by the name of Charlie Gordon who goes to an academic institution for “regular” or otherwise “able-bodied” people. Fragments of his life are shown in a jumbled narrative on the screen, with flashback employed as the main cinematographic technique.

Tall and muscular with a mop of sandy blond hair, Charlie’s meticulous insights about everything intellectual and his clumsiness makes him a delight to behold. Additionally, the blatant disregard for authority and klutzy demeanor makes him…

In Memoriam

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There are so many things I would like to tell you — if only you could read this now. Even though you are no longer here, the biggest thing I would like to say to you is that I am so, so sorry for not listening more, for not caring about you more, and for not being present while letting the vicissitudes of life carry me away and whilst battling my own demons.

Why didn’t you let others know that you were struggling?

Why didn’t you reach out for professional help?

Why didn’t you make self-care a priority?

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Can humans live by themselves? Sure, we can if we are thrown into the wilderness and have to fight for our lives — one which appears to be a popular topic for many reality television programs like Survivor or Outcast whereby characters on the screen are asked to perform a number of tasks in an effort to win a reward, monetary or otherwise.

Being John Malkovich is a film that explores the psychological phenomenon behind the way that our brains work and how we adjust them to relate to and connect to different people. …

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